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11/3/08 7:47 AM
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So, after bringing home two boar last year, I was told to bury the heads for a year to get them clean.

I dug them up a few weeks back, which was frickin' disgusting. The fat had all congealed into a stanking, rubbery mass.
Digging with the kids watching:

Eventually, I was able to work the teeth out of the skull. I bleached them for a little while, and then let them dry out.
They seem pretty brittle around the root where the tooth is hollow and thin.
What's the best way to preserve the teeth so I can stick them on a necklace for my nephew or something?
11/17/08 9:28 AM
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An awful lot of work for very little reward.

Totally true. But, mounting a head would've cost me a fortune and my marriage.
And the kids demand a souvenir wherever I go.
When I was a kid, my uncle gave us each the pelt of rabbits he'd hunted (and ate). I loved that pelt, and somehow that token always made think of hunting in a better light. I'm hoping that these "tokens of death" help the kids remember that hunting is normal and natural, and many different good things come out of it.

I can't find a "how to" online for it.
I'm thinking of filling the hollow of the teeth with a white epoxy. Then, cutting them to a decent length with a dremel and cutting wheel. Put on a coat of poly, drill a hole through, and put them on necklaces. I might keep one for my ridiculous cowboy hat, too.

11/29/08 9:47 PM
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Edited: 11/29/08 9:57 PM
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Next time place the skull over an ant hill and place a weighted cage over it, keeps critters from draggin it away.

Boiling with peroxide mixture works. However, the boiling if over done will fracture teeth.

Soaking and brushing the teeth w/peroxide will help get them white. Practice on some of the molars first. Some people will also use white enamal spray paint I never have.

Back to your necklace. You're spot on with your thoughts on epxy I suggest not drilling the teeh it dosnt really allow the tooth to lay flat unless you use a sinew wrap.

The following is what I do/use

* Prepare w/dremel as you did straight cut at top of tooth watch your heat teeth crack.

* Size #1 brass fishing swivel (or your choice)* Fingernail hardner* Leather thong etc. for cordage epoxy.

*Dish out a bit inside of tooth measure depth to one end of the swivel. (Your liking)

*Mix your epoxy or JBweld if you like grey color.Pool in the epoxy, insert the swivel and allow mix to set up hard. Remember a little goes a long way pat attention to thichness and clean up overflow work neat. Think of a "Candy Corn" top of epoxy or a flat top finish I like the "CCtop"

*Now take the nail hardner and generously coat the tusk with it, get into the little cracks cover the top of the epoxy well. Do not allow the hardner to flow into a drip, allow to dry.

There ya go, tusk is ready to be strung onto the cord.

Think about addindg colored beads, skull beads, stone arrowhead, small concho's etc. etc Whatever you choose it will be "BAD ASS" and one of a kind for you or your nephew to wear.

Hope this helps

Keep hunting alive also consider tanning the hide next time yourself. A bit of work but worth it.



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