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11/18/08 3:43 PM
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On Friday night, my good buddy is from Montreal and dragged me out to go see Daniel Lanois at Massey Hall. Despite the big maple leaf on my passport, I had never been exposed to the franglaise of this Canadian icon.

What an absolute treat. And to think I was considering smuggling in an ipod.

The only thing I knew about Daniel Lanois was that he was the producer of my most hated band ever, U2. All I can say after seeing him live is that they must have really sounded like shit before he got a hold of their music.

He opened with the Maker, a song that has been covered by Emmylou, Jerry Garcia and Dave Mathews. Little did I know he was going to attack the jam like Neil in the Crazyhorse years.

I really liked the wild mix of tones he was getting out of his '53 goldtop, and his pedal steel work was pure bliss.

The audience was easily 50% French-Canadian, and immediately evident by that Quebecois classic gender-neutral haircut that is a mix of minor mulletude in the back, and even aggressive porcupine spikes in the front and sides.

He had a real gem of a drummer with him as well, Brian Blade. I have another chance to catch Blade in December when he comes back to town with Wayne Shorter.

Anyway, here are a couple clips to illustrate the diversity of this man's music.

Shine - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lAQG2unSfs
Fire - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjpdBAub11k
Here is What is - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8tHdX9ox9c
11/19/08 5:07 PM
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I had almost the same experience, I was dragged to his show last year completely against my will, convinced I would be bored out of my skull.
He produced U2 and played boring folky music...the only positive was his album with the naked woman on the cover, and I seriously doubted she would be at the show, which was alright because she had a big knife.

Anyway, he surprised and impressed the hell out of me. His playing really transports you. I didn't even know he played pedal steel before that, the guy is great.
He had Brian Blade with him when I saw him too, monster drummer from hell.

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