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11/20/08 9:45 PM
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college fightgirl
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I am a female martial art student (krav maga, taekwando, boxing) and I am using Muay Thai as the subject of a paper and presentation for my senior-level college class in injury biomechanics. In particular, I am trying to get more info about the old technique of kicking banana trees and other hard objects to toughen the shins.

I really need some info from anyone who has tried any of these techniques, please! Even info on how it was when you started using a wooden roller or kicking a heavy bag would help. I'm looking for things like, how long each session is, what kind of damage did you have at first, how long it took to heal inititally, how often you did/do the toughening and what improvements have you noticed.

thanks in advance all!
12/1/08 4:28 PM
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I've been to a couple of training camps in Thailand and I have friends who've been to several more and I've not seen nor heard of the Thais using Bannana trees for conditioning.  Not to say they don't or never have but I don't think they do so today.  They mostly hit Thai pads, dense heavy bags, spar and compete.  I believe the continued smacking elbows, knees & shins against harder and harder surfaces makes the body call to compensate the abuse with more calcium deposits and rougher, tougher skin in that area.  It's more constant and consistant dramatic hitting things building bone density that does it.  Any brusing and cuts must be taken care of before more shins etc can continue conditioning or you'll cause more damage by re-injuring an area before it gets a chance to heal, the problem can become chronic. 

There are better more qualified people here who can give a better more technical answer but that's the jist of it.


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