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12/9/08 7:48 AM
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hey guys! i train grappling and during rolling i got hurt. the diagnosis was a disc protrusion in my neck between c5 and c6. i'm sorry i don't know the exact english term. it's not a prolapse/herniated but it "slipped" out of it's normal place a little bit and then pushed against the nerves which caused pain in my left arm and shoulder. the orthopedist sent me to physical therapy to relieve the pain and said if the arm doesn't go numb we don't need to operate.

the injury happened at the beginning of october and now i'm training and lifting again. the disc is still not at it's right place of course but the orthepedist said without an operation you can't do anything about it and if there's no problems with it, why operate. since two weeks there's no pain and complete mobility. but my parents give me shit about mma and grappling. they say what if the protrusion becomes a prolapse and yadda yadda yadda. i understand where they're coming from but i can't sit at home all the time for the rest of my life.

is there an orthopedist or doctor around here who knows his grappling and mma and could tell me please if it's dangerous to continue training? that would be greatly appreciated. i don't want to suffer any long-tail claims because of it and i don't want to turn it into a prolapse.
12/9/08 10:01 AM
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Sounds like you're going to run the risk if you keep training. Do your folks pay your medical? Maybe you should wait until you've got your own coverage until you start training again; at that point it's none of their business.
12/16/08 1:32 AM
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It's also possible that your body will resolve the problem naturally, as most people do. It's quite common to have asymptomatic bulged discs that resolve on their own. The key here is "asymptomatic" - something to be very honest about when assessing your own situation.

Use some caution in your training and consider some ongoing preventive maintenance. This may be PT, chiropractic, or massage - your pick. You will have muscles that are trying to brace the area against further injury, and that tightness can become chronic and problematic later if ignored long enough. A combination of soft tissue work and attention to vertebral alignment can do wonders to sort things out and prevent reinjury.

If your parents understand that you are taking intelligent steps to stay on top of it and make sure things keep improving, they will probably feel much better about your choices. This support is good for recovery and much less annoying for all. :)

Jason Erickson

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