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bruce lee is the best author of anything about jkd read "Tao of Jeet Kune Do" he explains so much and says how you need to creat your own way. he obviously has the greatest knowledge on it since he created it he was brilliant no one will ever come close to the skill he had in jkd or martial arts for that matter hence why he was never beaten in a fight.
You might be trolling but if not, you're a little under-informed.

The TofJKD was highy plagiarised in its sources, but it may not be actionable because it's a collection of notes that were never intended to be published, done by John Little.

I don't know if BL would have written the same type of book now.

TofJKD was a combination of basic stuff, a lot of boxing and fencing based things, philosophy, and even a bit on how to train. It was pretty well organized and gave a lot of insight for the MA of the 70s.

It didn't really analyze several aspects of MA, such as those things done later by Matt Thornton.

Of course John Little, who probably dabbled in MA, didn't have any inkling of the difference between staged fighting, real SD and 'Aliveness' vs 'Dead patterns'. Though BL did talk about the 'organized despair', Little, lacking his insight, couldn't take it to the next level.