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1/16/12 11:50 AM
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Lymond - Slam, have you read the Twenty Palaces series (by Harry Connolly)? 3 and a prequel so far, and imo, the second best urban fantasy out there. Has a darker feel than the others which really works in its favor.

just finished reading the three, then read on his blog that they aren't going to publish any more.


kind of sucks considering how he ends the last one. i don't really agree with most of the gripes they had, except for one. i like that you have to wait to get some more background, it keeps me going when the action dies down, a mystery, but i can see how that won't satisfy most of the target demographic for urban fantasy.

series was pretty good, better than dresden in many ways.
1/17/12 12:01 PM
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Sonofafuckingbitch. I've never checked his blog, had no clue. Damnit, I really enjoyed them. I agree with the background reveal stuff, I like when the world's depth is slowly shown.

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