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12/29/08 4:49 PM
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Ok, I've read the info on Ken Rockwell's site and I think now I'm more confused as to what to do.

I'm in the market for a new camera and I'd like an SLR. I'd consider myself an amateur photography enthusiast and I want something that will make taking good photos of my travels easier. I've had my 6.1mp Kodak EasyShare DX7630 for a few years now and not only do I feel like I've outgrown it, but it has also seen better days. About three years ago it was dropped on an outdoor ice skating rink in Yosemite and about a year later it fell atop my tripod on the shores of a lake. These have together slightly scratched and chipped the lens, but I have still managed to take decent (in my opinion) pics like what I've posted here:


I'll be in Europe over the next 6 months or so and I enjoy taking photos of architecture and love taking night shots. I would take more social/evening pics, but I just can't ever get them to look good with my Kodak, no matter how much I play with the shutter, ISO or Ap.

I thought I had made up my mind on the D60, but after reading about the differences between this and the D40, I question whether I'm even ready to take on a camera like the D60 - and I'm not against upgrading in the future, I just want something good to hold me over for a while.

Anyone have input on this for me, I'd love to hear some of your thoughts. Thanks.
12/29/08 11:38 PM
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Go with the D60.

10 megapixels is much better than 6. For an entry D-SLR, I'd say 8 megapixels should be the minimum.

To be honest, I'm still amazed that the D40 still sells. The D60 dwarfs it in improvements.

I'm not a Nikon user and I can tell you to choose the D60 and never look back.
5/21/09 1:57 PM
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 I have BOTH the D60, and the D40, and I have been shooting for 15 years now, and I was also a camera engineer for the motion picture company I work for so I kinda know a little about cameras....

If you are not a PRO photog, and you just want to take some awesome pics, go with the D40, and save yourself a lot of money.
They are basically the same camera.
Unles you are blowing up your pics to really large portraits, then the 6MP will do you good.
5/22/09 9:55 AM
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Well, I'm a Nikon dweeb, and the D40 still sells because it's crazy cheap, tiny, and takes great pics for a 6MP. The 6MP is actually better with that tiny sensor due to less noise at higher ISO's.

Go with the D40 or get something like a D90 (can use with older AF-D lenses)...

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