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12/31/08 12:33 PM
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Okay, here's a question, while I wait for a good day to visit a doctor.

I was practicing a foot sweep, when I dropped my partner onto my leg (my fault). His weight landed on the outside part of my lower left leg, just below the knee. I felt a sharp pain and fell down. My leg was very sore for about a minute, then felt fine.

I discovered I couldn't move side to side, but I could walk and bend or squat just fine. I did some ground sparring and felt normal.

Knee was a little shaky, but now a week later it feels okay. It gets tired and stiff, but the one thing that persist is I'm still experiencing trouble shuffling or moving side to side. It's definately not as bad as it was, but it hurts and I have to move slowly.

UG medical opinions?
1/7/09 2:58 AM
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You may have injured the tib-fib sliding joint. It's pretty fibrous and doesn't have a ton of movement, but it's important for lateral movement. It's also likely that you've strained your peroneals, but that's just a guess.

I'd get it checked for possible fracture and have a good PT or chiro examine the tib-fib joints and your ankle alignment. Either should be able to make sure everything is aligned properly before turning attention to the soft tissues. Appropriate stretching and soft tissue therapy should set that stuff right fairly quickly if you don't have a fracture or joint misalignment.

Good luck!
Jason Erickson

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