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1/1/09 9:46 AM
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So, some of our friends invited us over for NYE drinks last night. She's a sweet old German lady. He's ex-army, in his 70s, and an avid hunter (bow and rifle).
I've seen his trophy room before, but last night he showed me the basement and his very nice collection of handguns. He had dozens of hunting and military rifles, including 4 M1s, Springfields with serial numbers in the 2 and 3 millions. I absolutely loved the feel of them. One of these he said he got through the CMP.
Do they still have M1s left for purchase through the CMP?

He also took me to a corner of the basement, where there were more stairs leading down to his personal gun and archery range. It was maybe around 9'x9' and 50 feet long, ventilated, and had 6 layers of hanging strips of conveyor belt as a backstop.
He showed me some stray bullet holes from where his grandson was shooting his sten gun. I LOLove sten guns!
I live in a tiny New England town, where guns are bad m'kay, but my neighbor is shooting his full auto SMGs with his granson in an underground bunker not too far from my house.
Life is good. 

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