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1/2/09 6:34 PM
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Edited: 01/02/09 6:40 PM
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i bought a 99 mazda protege a few years back for pretty cheap price and i have been thinking about selling it--so i'm trying to get maintenance done on it. i took it to a tire and brake shop and they changed both front axles. i thought it would stop the clicking noise--but right now, it still making the clicking noise when i'm cruising, which stops every time i tap on the brake. there also seems to be some sort of whistling sound when i'm accelerating and also my car just gets SUPER loud when i hit 40mph..but quiets down after i get over 40. the guys told me that i need to replace my rack and pinion and get new front control arms. what i want to know is if replacing these two things will fix whatever fucked up noises my car is making? or does it sound like there is something bigger causing these problems?i guess i'm just paranoid they are making me get all of this done just to make some cash and that it's something major they can't fix.
1/3/09 5:22 AM
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its probably teh control arms. i know that i had a very similar clicking noise and clunkingnoise in my evolution 9 that was fixed when they replaced the control arms. this was after they changed the bushes and the strut tops.
it would clunk everytime i drove up a driveway or mount a gutter or hit a speed hump.
lukcily this was under warranty. u might be up a few hundred or even well over a thousand, depending

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