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Jen >> chiro?

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1/6/09 10:17 AM
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what's your opinion on (non-NUCCA) chiropractic?
1/6/09 1:21 PM
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There are certain situations in which chiro is very necessary and can very beneficial. For example, I have seen some people have a rib out of place and some chiros are familiar with how to adjust it back into place. Basically, there are some injuries in which exercise cannot fix the problem because there isn't the ability to control the muscles in that area.

There are some injuries, in my opinion, that can be fixed by either exercise or a chiro adjustment. For example, in the past when I used to go to a chiro, I knew a girl who twisted her ankle and there was a big pop. She was limping and could not put weight on the ankle. I took her to the chiro I was going to and he adjusted her ankle and popped something back into place. She walked out being able to walk and put weight on that ankle. Years later, after I started to do MBF, I had a really bad ankle injury in which my ankle got popped by an footlock. I was tempted to go to the chiro and have him check it out, however, I decided not to and to test MBF to see it could fix the problem. Eventually, it did fix the problem and after doing programs for a while, I felt my ankle adjust itself back into place.

Personally, I do not believe regular chiro can correct muscle imbalances because muscle moves bone and determines the position of joints and bones. Ultimately, the question always goes back to "are you getting the results that you are looking for?" Have done chiro for 12 years, I think I gave that modality a pretty fair shot and it did help me in many situations, but as I looked at my body as whole, I was getting worse and worse. As a result, I felt that a change was needed.

Also, for me, prefer the idea of MBF over chiro because I felt that with chiro, my relief depended on someone else. So if my chiro was out of town, I was really afraid that if I got some injury or pain, I was out of luck and would have to suffer the entire time he was gone. Now I have the ability to fix myself and I am not really dependent on anyone else.

Keep in mind that chiro may not suit me, but it may suit someone else perfectly. Some people don't want to try to fix their problem with exercise and would prefer to try to fix it with something like chiro. In addition, some people may only be interested in modalities covered by their insurance and chiro is covered my most insurance companies now.

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