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1/6/09 7:22 PM
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when i was young, my dentist was an abusive cocksucker. in a minor rage, i recently went to ratemds.com and gave a very bad review (obviously) but i basically literally stated that i received physical abuse from him, maintain a violent revenge fantasy about him, and 'hope if i ever see him again i will be able to leave his presence without teaching him about the fear of violence' or something to that effect.

can i get in any trouble for libel for this, considering it is all true (i'm in canada, but will appreciate a u.s. view also out of interest)?

also, can i get in trouble for making a threat here, which i don't think i literally did?
1/7/09 2:14 AM
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It's not libel if it's true. Your ability to convince a jury that it's true is a factor.

It's never a good idea to publish a threat. Obviously you are aware that it is a threat or you wouldn't be asking. What happens if someone happens to murder the guy? Do you want to be a suspect? To what end? None of this is benefitting you in any way.

Change your review to that of a rational human being, & not that of psychotic nut.

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