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1/20/09 5:01 PM
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Sup guys and gals.

About 5 years ago I came down on somebodies head with my elbow and hurt my arm. It has gotten progressively worse especially if I hyper extent after a punch and long workouts on the mitts or bag. The tip of my right elbow (bad arm) actually sticks out further and comes to a long point. It will swell sometimes but feels very hard to the touch. I also can no longer fully straighten my arm. Any ideas on what is is? I am guessing arthritis or calcium build up and or if I can fix it? I would prefer w/o surgery but not sure its an option.

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1/21/09 10:12 AM
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Sounds like it could be a number of things: rheumatoid arthritis, olecranon process fracture that healed wrong, ligament sprain, synovial cyst, or ulnar nerve compression. But I suspect you have olecranon bursitis.

How's your Range-Of-Motion when you bend your elbow(flexion)? Does it feel like the skin gets pulled tightover the back of the elbow and puts more pressure on the area?

Does it get red/inflamed?

If it is olecranon bursitis, use the principles of PRICE(protection, rest, ice, elevation but NOT compression). Compression or pressure would irritate the problem. Anti-inflammatory meds would help.

If it's a systemic disorder at this point(septic bursitis, antibiotics might be called for.
1/21/09 10:48 PM
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To Martin Burke

First and foremost thank you for taking the time out to answer my post as well as many other so eloquently and with such care. I forwarded your mid 1970's boxing workout to several of my fighter friends and have incorporated it into my regimen as well. I am training for the Florida Gold Gloves in March (heavy). To answer your questions when I try and straighten the affected arm I feel a strange sensation, pressure and cannot lock it out like the other one. Occasionally it swells and will be red and almost look as if it filled with a liquid. It almost looks as if when I fold my arm up and look down at the elbow that there is a point at the end of the elbow. I am quite sure there some sort of fracture when I hit on the poor guys head as it hurt immensely. I never got it looked it and over the years of weight lifting and boxing it has gotten worse. I do not think it robs me of strength or much motion but is sore a lot after workouts. I guess I will need to see an ortho about it. Thank you sir~


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