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Jen >> MBF and psychics?

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2/3/09 9:21 PM
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I read in the latest MBF blog post that
Gluckman does energy work and brings in
psychics. That was quite shocking to me.
What do you think of that part of the
2/3/09 10:05 PM
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Edited: 02/04/09 1:37 AM
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When Geoff prior to creating the educational system, Geoff did things solely by instinct. The scientific principles taught in the MBF educational courses are Geoff's attempt to explain what he does innately and allows that ability to be duplicated.

When Geoff encounters more advanced or complex situations, how he chooses exercises and how he sequences is done by instinct/intuition. The "energy" that Geoff's refers to is simply instinct and intuition. For example, recently when I updated my own MBF program, I consulted Geoff and he told me that I should not do a particular exercise. I said that according to the principles of the system, the exercise may be suitable for my posture, so I wanted to know why I shouldn't do it. He said he couldn't say exactly why, he just knew it wouldn't produce the effect that I wanted. Geoff does not know how to each people to tap into their instincts. That is why he calls upon someone else to help teach this.

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