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2/5/09 1:12 PM
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The Minnesota Secretary of State just sent out the Notice of Vacancies in Multi-Member Agencies. At the bottom of the second page is the following position.

1700 - 105TH AVE NE
BLAINE, MN 55449 763-792-7354
LAWS OF MN 2006, CHAP 282
Appointing: Governor
Compensation: $55 per diem plus expenses
Vacancies: One (1) Member with knowledge of mixed martial arts to complete a four-year term
Expiring on January 3, 2011.
The Commission shall issue, deny, renew, suspend, or revoke licenses; make and maintain records of its acts and proceedings
including the issuance, denial, renewal, suspension, or revocation of licenses; keep public records of the commission open to
inspection at all reasonable times; assist the director in the development of rules to be implemented under this chapter; and conform to
the rules adopted under this chapter. Membership includes: Five members appointed by the Governor, who are Minnesota citizens;
One member must be a retired Minnesota judge; and at least three members must have knowledge of the combative sports industry.
The governor shall make serious efforts to appoint qualified women. No member may directly or indirectly promote a combative
sports contest, directly or indirectly engage in the managing of a combatant; or have an interest in any manner in the proceeds from a
combative sports contest.


Anyone else heard of this? Does this mean MN will no longer be using the Boxing Commission to oversee events and licenses?
3/26/10 10:47 PM
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Hi Johnny,

I don't read it that way at all. My brother is one of the MMA Commissioners and he's still got about 3 years to go on his appointment. They rotate appointments so that they do not all expire together. I think it just signifies a retirement that needs replacement. I haven't talked with him about it though.

The commission is unified - boxing and mma - but commissioners have backgrounds in different discipline. With 8 Commissioners the work of the Commission continues even though 1 or 2 positions are vacant. I think this announcement is for anyone wishing to present themselves to the Governor for consideration before he appoints someone when the job becomes vacant next January.

The Commission is, to my mind, among many other things, a political necessity. It's here to stay.

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