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2/9/09 5:16 PM
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Hello- I posted this on the OG as well:

Does anyone have experience with workman's comp and disability?

For example, with my company, as a benefit, I get short term disability, of 100% of my income for 6 months, and 50% for 6 months afterwards. I also pay extra per month for an added coverage of 66 2/3% of my annual income for long term disability.

I understand disability is for injuries or conditions that happen outside of work.

Now, if you get injured while on the job, I guess you are now eligible for workmen's comp?

If you get workmen's comp, are you no longer eligible for the companie's disability plan? Or does your co's disability plan pay you at the same time as your workman's comp? (At my company, the two plans are administered by seperate companies).

In addition to all of this, is Social Security Disability different too? I assume this is paid out by the government.

In summary, if you are injured on the job, are you potentially eligible for workman's comp, company's disability plan, and the federal government (social security) disability plan?

I would just call my co's HR dept, but they are closed for the day...

Sorry about the long message.

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