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2/10/09 11:18 AM
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Hi all,

My foot experienced a heelhook like movement while rolling almost two weeks ago. I felt a slight pop but there was no pain or swelling. Greadually, the pain has been increasing. I feel it on the outside of my right knee and it particularly hurts when I'm on my knees sitting back on my feet. There is still no swelling, and when I feel

I've decided to stop training until my PT appointment on the 18th to have it evaluated.

Does anyone have any ideas what it might mean if it's just the outside of the knee? Any idea how serious it might be? Has anyone had a similar injury?

3/2/09 5:26 AM
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Lil Katai
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 Could be the tendens. A long time ago I had a knee injury do to a heel hook. Had no medical coverage at the time so I couldnt go get it checked out. I healed it on my own. Doubled up on the omega's and flax seed, iced it 2-3 times a day, wrapped it at night when I slept, wrapped it when I trained. Stayed away from kicking drills and worked mostly on my hands hitting the mitts and bags and light sparring. Still grappled but stayed away from leg locks and babied the shit out of my knee. This was a good time to really work tech and position. It took me about 3 months to get my knee back to where it was.

Off and on I still have knee pain but that isnt due to that injury. Right now I have a sharp pain that shoots down the middle of my knee cap. I used to get it all the time and it would come and be gone after 2-3 days. This one is a little more serious because its been hurting for about 2 weeks now. It started from jump ropeing.

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