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2/11/09 7:01 PM
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Haven't yet seen a post regarding this subject, actually wasn't sure where to post it either.

I wanted to open up a discussion on how different fighters taper down their training leading up to their fight.

Myself, I usually switch my heavy lifting to explosive lifting about 6-8 weeks out, then drop it off completely 2 weeks out.

Last 2 weeks I add in 20-40 minutes of light recuperative cardio each day.

Sparring sessions become "shark tank" drills about 3 weeks out, ending with the last one 5-7 days before the fight.

Light technique, with a focus on the game plan for the up coming fight is the focus of the 3 days before weigh-ins.

The day of weigh-ins, obviously whatever needs to be done to make weight takes priority, usually the sauna suit and whatever I can do to get the sweat going.

Day of the fight involves plenty of napping, with bursts of wakefulness just long enough to eat some food and down some gatorade. Breaking a sweat in the morning with some pad work and pummeling. Usually not a whole lot to do, and the brunt of the day is spent watching "Myth Buster" marathons on Discovery.

What's everybody else's routine like on here?

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