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2/22/09 8:58 AM
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Done by a proper fan, but some ridiculous choices (Carragher and Gerrard in the top 10,  Fowler and Rush outside it??? )

My favourite entry....

24 Mark Lawrenson

1981-88 356 appearances

What lives most in the memory about Lawrenson are his last-ditch tackles. Remember Eric Gates about to pull the trigger? In comes Lawro from behind to nick the ball away with the stretch of a telescopic leg. Did it countless times. One of the greats... except... except anything he can do, Alan Hansen, his partner on the pitch and colleague in the studio, can do better. That's across the board. Central defender? Hansen. Pundit? Hansen. Everything. If he grew a moustache, Hansen's would be neater, bushier and more attractive. Life can be so cruel. Without that bastard Hansen, Lawrenson might have made the top 10 here.



And no surprises that it's King Kenny at #1:

1 Kenny Dalglish

1977-1990, 515 appearances, 172 goals

There should be two lists. One for Dalglish, the other for the rest. He is that rare entity, a man with no peers among Liverpool players. So where does he rank on a wider scale? In football history? Well, there's Maradona, who is another in a category of one. After Maradona comes a group - Pele, Cruyff, Beckenbauer. In global terms, Dalglish is in the rank below. Briefly - between the decline of Cruyff and the emergence of Maradona - the Scot was the best player in the world. It wasn't just his own individual ability, but he had that knack of improving the performance of all his team-mates. There was no selfish streak in the man, unlike some lesser, self-centred, so-called greats.

As a man, too, he has drawn affection and admiration. His behaviour after Hillsborough, when he visited every bereaved family and attended every funeral he could get to despite the personal emotional toll, will never be forgotten. He and Shankly are the towering figures in Liverpool’s history

2/23/09 10:11 AM
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 LOL at the Lawro one.
2/28/09 2:24 PM
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Shotgun Mick
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Fucking hate Liverpool.

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