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3/4/09 4:52 AM
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Dominique Robinson
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For a long time now (2-3yrs) I have had a problem with my neck, arm, and back. I'll describe each of them and explain.
Neck= In my left trap there is a knot that never goes away and randomly I get a dull pain in the trap and the left side of my neck. Sometimes when driving or doing excersie the pain comes up and is worse than when im dormant.
Back= My lower back (on the left side, right to the left of the tail bone and my upper left glute aka butt cheek) always get a dull pain that worsens usually when running but recently has been sharper even with no activity at all. It feels as if it has a knot in them that need to be stretched out but never can is the best way I can describe it, but it's a constant numbing hurt. Also my left glute feels like a knot is in it as well.
Arm= When jabbing or throwing left hooks for bag work, mitts, or sparring my left arm begins to weaken and fatigue to the point where I have to stop activity and I can't keep it up anymore, along with sharp/dull pains in the tricep area and hmmm how can I explain...if u take the line of the arm that goes from left to right and put ur finger on the start of the line to the left and go up with ur finger toward the hand drawing a line about the length of the joint line....there is pain that goes along that area to when using it. Dull pain is also sometimes in the bicep region and anterior (front) deltoid though these aren't what hurt when using it...only the tricep and that line area do...and the pain and fatigue gets worse the longer I use it.
Does anyone know what the problem/s may be? I have shitty kaiser and I got x-rays done on my arm and spine and they said they were fine. I got MRI's done on my left tricep and shoulder which they said where fine and a MRI done on my neck which they said had mutiple slight buldges or some shit but said that they were so slight they wouldn't affect anything. I got a emg/nerve conduction test and they said the nerves and muscles are fine. I think kaiser is lying because they dont want to fix the problem and I think is is pinched nerves or something somewhere because with nerve problems you usually get the pain in the exact same area and these exact areas have been bothing me for yrs now and only when doing the same things. I have been told that everything may be coming from the neck. I have a title fight in may and want this fixed before or after so any advice would be appreciated.....thanx UG guys
3/4/09 12:54 PM
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Doing this over the internet isn't the best way, but let's see if we can at least get you pointed in the right direction. It sounds like you have soft tissue issues. that;s good AND bad. Good, because you can make improvements really fast. Bad, because there are a lot of crappy massage therapists out there.

The neck: could be levator scapula, a muscle that runs from the top of the shoulder blade up into the transverse processes of your cervical vertebrae. Sounds like you have a little calcification at the scapular attachment.

But you won't get lasting relief by working on levator scapulae alone. The real relief is probably going to come from putting some length in pectoralis minor. Both pec minor and levator scap are attached to the shoulder blade and they're having a tug of war, but pec minor has all of the leverage.

Dig a finger in to your chest about 1.5-2 in below your collar bone? Feel a little hard spot that's tender? Keep pressing on it. you should feel it soften and the pain fade. As you sink further, you'll feel another hard layer and the pain will rise again. kKeep sinking through those layers until it feels like you've loosened things up.

Now, check your trap and neck. Any difference?

You could also put your left hand down and across your body to the right hip. Now reach across with the fingers of the right hand to stretch the tissue of the left chest down to the right hip. As you're stretching the tissue, take your left arm and raise it up and back to the left. Feel it pulling under your fingers? That's the myofascia.

I should explain something before we go further. We all think about the muscles, but it's in the myofascia (the casing of the muscle) where you get the most bang for your buck. Your body is a series of interrelated myofascial chains, more than a system of individual muscles. So google "Anatomy Trains". The lines of particular interest to you are probably going to be:

Superficial Back Line

Deep Back Arm Line and Superficial Back Arm Line

Deep Front Arm Line

Your lower back issue sounds like it could be a few things. First, stretch your psoas muscle. The vast majority of lower back issues I treat are a result of at least some psoas involvement. You can search youtube for those. If you have a trainer, I like PNF stretches or Active Release Techniques.

I'd see if you have a trigger point in quadratus lumborum. (bet you didn't know you were getting all this homework, huh?). There are stretches for this muscle, but the best way I know to work it is for you to lay the client on his right side, and I sink a finger down into his side just above the hip. The client has to remember to breathe, and not hold his breath.

It flares up on me, too, when I run.

It could also be related to that Superficial Back Line i mentioned. See, that particular myofascial chain runs from the bottom of your feet, all the way up the back of your body, over the top of your head and attaches to your eyebrows. Ever pull your hamstring, and felt tightness in both your lower back and calf on the same side? That's the SBL you were feeling.

The crest of the hip is an area that tends to snag up the SBL, so putting some slack above and below that area usually works well.

It's always better when a trained therapist is working on you, but there are some things you can try. Lie on your right side again, and have somebody you trust pin the tissue that runs alongside your tailbone as you slooowwly kick your straight leg forward. Does that feel as though it's working on the affected tissue?

Also, check the short head of biceps femoris. It has a direct fascial connection to the sacrum through adductor magnus. Quite often, clients get immediate reief from lower back and glute pain when I work on that short head of biceps femoris.
3/4/09 1:11 PM
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Not sure of the arm; your description has me a little lost as to exact location. But a good general technique you can try:

Grab that band of tissue that runs between your biceps and triceps, and pin it in place as you twist your upper arm laterally and medially. It's the lateral intermuscular septum, and goes all the way inside your arm to the periosteum. (The periosteum ithe skin-tight casing that surrounds your bones. It's what the muscles actually attach to, and it's just packed with nerves, so if you can manipulate it, you can effect some huge changes in the entire arm and up into the base of the skull.)

That intermuscular septum has a fascial effect all the way up through the upper traps into the base of the skull, so that'll help the neck problems too, most likely. Which reminds me:

Try grabbing the back of your neck with your hand and squeeze the tissue as you turn your head to and fro in an slow, exaggerated "no" movement. The upper traps tend to form adhesions on all those little neck muscles underneath, and that little move can help.

Okay, I think I've thrown enough at you for now. It sounds like you have fascial issues with a little neuromuscular stuff for good measure. Look for somebody that does orthopædic massage, myofascial release, rolfing (or structural integration) and you should see some quick improvement.

good luck
3/4/09 4:55 PM
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Dominique Robinson
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Thanx for the advice bro, im going to do my research and all and get to it and also show this info to my stupid kaiser doc and say "SEE!". To bad your not my way then I could go to your clinic

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