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3/6/09 12:21 AM
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alright. Ive joined the group.

A few things in this economy are taking a turn for the worse. If the bill doesnt pass that allows fdic to borrow 500 bill, we will have a run on the banks Im afraid, its not enough that they will increase the fee's to banks.. once word gets out to the people who have money, its end game. I sincerly believe that.

our society is on a brink of an economic melt down similiar to the great depression.. only its longer, and it will be global. I hope it doesnt happen.

My belief has always been to prepare for the worse, hope for the best. Reality is somewhere in between.

Reality is that my girlfreind might lose her job. I will have to pick up the tab and take care of her bills while she takes care of the baby and we have to cut down on the extras.

Worse case senerio... no job, no food, stores close, goverment rations food while we deal with the collapse of an economy in the midst of a goverment that tried to plug holes in a hemmoriaging economy and lost all its financial reserves and any further ability to borrow money.

I can deal with what may really happen. but if worse case senerio happens? Well bugout bag.

What would be in your bugout bag? Im talking for any senerio... hurricane, earthquake, loss of food transportaition.. the whole nine.

Im thinking 1 large backpack, 1 small (me, 1 and a small one for girlfreind) with 4 containers baby formula, baby formula food, 2 flb protien powder, a few bags of rice, something to sterilize water with, a portable pressure cooker, 2 sleeping bags, a tent, fishing pole, machette.
3/6/09 8:40 AM
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portable pressure cooker?

Add socks, a tarp, and food to that list.

I don't know what your stance on firearms is, but a small handgun might come in useful especially since you'll have a young girl and your baby with you.
3/14/09 11:25 PM
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Save the lint from your dryer, put it in a plastic bag. Lint sparks up really fast, put a bag of it in your BOB.
3/15/09 1:14 AM
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For an individual pack I prefer Eagle Ind. AIII, it fit a water bladder and a frame sheet....trust me, you want this.

My household kit (cause I gotta support family)is my old Med alice and frame w/ nalgene bottles and/or canteen sets attached. Bladders are great, but canteens/bottles have advantages.

Behind the left external pocket (it's stitched along the side edges) is an old ATC Lt. Infantry 'hawk, handles slips down and head sits above pocket flap. Basic first aid/trauma supplys in double freezer bag in another pocket and MSR waterworks filter and Micropurs in the third pocket and duct tape wrapped around a piece of old ballpoint pen.

Another trauma kit strapped to frame. Old CWDT kit container taped to frame containing firesteel, tinder and a Mag bar. Long tie-wraps secured to web loops behind canteens on outside of pack. I can strap a T/D recurve in a small bag to the outside of the pack along with a PVC tube holding several arrows. Also have 2-4 camo bungees hooked on around the frame.

Inside the pack is several days worth of packaged survival bars and a bottle of Survival tabs (these are strictly short-term or emergency rations for on the move) extra micropur tabs and extra filter for MSR, complete extra MSR and two repair kits for them on the bottom. AMK Backcoutry med kit with additions at top. Two rolled up ponchos in pouch. two boxes of .45 ammo secured in space behind kidney pad. Extra space in bag can load extra food/supplies.

Map flap has 550, spare K&R lensatic, folder Leatherman supertool, wire saw, survival cards and manual, small led lights (2), extra firesteel and tinders.

food, clothing and hygiene stuffs get carried by wife and kid. everybody has water and some other personal supplies on them, I have the maxpedition bottle carrier as my personal kit on a strap.

Need to get an E-tool and a folding saw and a .22 ruger pistol. Make the wife or kid carry these :)....they are so in for a rude awakening if we gotta move LOL!

I don't wanna move anywhere, but if I gotta I have enough to put up a little cover, build a shelter, make fire, gather and purify water. If I had to move it'd be to the watershed area for the game....I really don't plan to go anywhere unless I'm forced.

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