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Scott Sonnon >> Saddle questions for Coach Sonnon

3/20/09 8:32 PM
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I had a few questions I was hoping you'd be able to answer.

1: What do you do when you have the saddle (Full, or Side), and your opponent/partner manages to figure four his legs to prevent you from leg locking him? I've searched high and low through Mastering the Saddle, and your Book, but have not found an answer to this question.

It's quite common for me now that guys are doing this in a preemptive nature to prevent me from getting any sort of offense going from the Saddle. I know at this point I am late, and the Back Brace takes care of that, but is there something that you suggest (or have taught on some sort of video media) doing when in a situation like this?

2: Which of your DVD sets are more recent between Mastering the Saddle (5 Discs), and MMA Uncaged (Also 5 discs). I remember in my other thread you mentioned that Uncaged focused more on the submissions, while the Saddle focused a bit more on position, and theory, so it just makes me wonder which was filmed more recently because there may have been new findings.

Thanks as usual
3/22/09 2:54 PM
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1. I'm not sure what you're referring to but this is thoroughly covered in Discs 1&2, in the re-counters.

2. MMA Uncaged is more recent.

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