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Jen >> Bolo -- 10 lbs dumbells

3/31/09 1:32 PM
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At one point I recall you stating that for juijitsu all one needs is 10 lbs of strength in most muscles. Do you still believe that?

It sounds appealing to only work with 10 lbs and not exhaust myself before classes but the question is how do you break a criminals arm (in life and death situation) with only 10 lbs of force in each muscle group? Espcially against much bigger , heavier guys?

3/31/09 2:01 PM
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Edited: 03/31/09 2:06 PM
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I don't believe I said that. I believe what I said was that within my MBF strength program at that time, I was not using any more weight than 10 lbs. and that the exercises I was doing at that time were quite difficult despite the light weight. With my current strength program, I am using dumbells and kettlebells that are more than 10 lbs. for certain exercises and also using dumbells that are 10 lbs. or less for other exercises.

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