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4/8/09 9:27 AM
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To the mod, I never got my request fulfilled.

You know, this is just getting ridiculous. 

I start a thread stating that BJ shouldn't fight in Nevada again; I didn't call for Kizer's head or anything, I just stated that since he was clearly cheated and he wasn't backed up by the commission, he shouldn't allow them to benefit from his services; and he shouldn't put himself in "risk" (risk of not having the rules enforced) again. I have people on the thread claiming that it wasn't cheating BECAUSE he wasn't punished. 

I likened this to speeding on a street, getting pulled over but being given a warning. The speeder still broke the law. These nuthuggers can't even follow that line and I am being accused of trolling.

I may have been guilty of not supporting other logical UGers when they are getting teamed up on; and for that, I am sorry. 

Can a logical poster who isn't a blind nuthugger come on this thread:


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