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4/14/09 11:55 PM
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Learn Silat from Sifu/Guru Cass Magda

May 23 to 25. This is supposed to be 3 straight days of pure Silat! Nothing added, nothing taken away!


Directing - Taking Command

The Overall guiding philosophy of our method of Silat is that of "Directing the assailant." It is the main central doctrine or attitude that produces all movements, strategies, tactics and techniques that we use. It is the reason for the other "laws" governing our art. All principles, laws, and concepts are related to this main attitude or central doctrine. This main idea of directing is like a trunk of a tree secure in the ground with roots that are deep. The many branches of various tactics and techniques can spread our forth from this trunk in various directions and ways, always related to the trunk of the central doctrine, always rooted firmly this combative truth

Read more: http://www.cassmagda.com/07website/history-silat2.shtml

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