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Jen >> Favorite Style of Open Guard?

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4/15/09 7:59 PM
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I've always wondered what your preferred style of open would be in the situation where your opponent is standing over you, legs just out of reach, but collar and sleeves fully accessible. You can either sit up (but keep in mind his legs are far back) or you can lie back and work other forms for guard. Do you like the Joe M. hand in collar, one hand posted back guard? Cross grip guard, spider guard? Etc. Or, do you like to fight to your knees and shoot for a single?

The situation I'm describing is one in which your opponent has not decided what pass to use yet so has not initiated a movement. Imagine if you pulled guard from standing only with zero grips before hand (horrible idea I know, but for this scenario). I'm asking because I wanted to get an idea of what you see as most efficient for your own game. Thanks.
4/15/09 8:49 PM
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Edited: 04/15/09 11:02 PM
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I don't have any favorite style of open guard in the sense that I prefer one type over another or that one type is of more of my "go to" move than another.

Here's how I do open guard....I look and feel what is happening with a particular situation and decide what to us based on what I feel allows me to achieve or maintain greatest postural alignment as well as what would create the greatest misalignment in my opponent. So, for example, if I feel that the choice between 2 types of open guard exists and both allows me to be in a structurally sound position, then I will look at which position would created the most misalignment in my opponent and I would go with that.

Based upon Part 3 of my Science of BJJ articles, it should be realized that the situation you described can contain countless variances. I would only know what I would do if someone put me in that exact situation and did something very specific. But my response would only apply to that very specific situation. If one of the variables changed ever so slightly, it is possible that I would change what I would do.

However, let me mention something else....The theory behind how I do open guard is a little different. I have this generic "aligned" position. All my basic open guard positions are just variations of this aligned position. I felt that were so many different open guard positions which made it difficult for students to learn. So I kind of made this "one move for everything" kind of feeling. Whether I play sitting up or feet on the hips and arms or blocking a smash pass, I am conceptually just doing the same thing. I did this because I want to keep things really simple, in addition to the fact that I am not an expert or specialist in any particular type of open guard.
4/16/09 9:49 AM
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