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4/20/09 11:36 AM
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Is there any food or drinks I can take to speed up my metabolism since I am trying to loose weight. I do cardio and weight lift on a regular basis.
4/20/09 6:27 PM
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Edited: 04/20/09 6:32 PM
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The body is a magnificent steady-state organism. It's extremely efficient and it functions by utilizing a complex but elegant delayed de-inhibition feedback mechanism with multiple entry points. That means when you turn down one thing, something else is turned up, by the body releasing a stop mechanism. If you start fasting your gut starts producing ghrelin, a hormone which makes you ravenously hungry.

This allows a very precise control over your metabolism, so it's not easy to 'trick' your body by eating or drinking anything special.

Some things, like excessive carbohydrate consumption seem to slow your weight loss. (BTW it's impossible to 'loose' weight. You can loose an arrow, but if you do it in the woods, you lose it).

The best methods involve tracking your foods, substituting less calorie dense foods for things that are high caloric. You can eat a whole bowl of fruit for only 100 calories, but 1/2 a cookie, which is a lot less filling will also add 100 calories.

What is your maintenence level of calories? (how much do you weigh, how tall are you?). Multiply your weight by about 12-13 to give you the calories you should be taking in to stay the same weight. You may need to drop to 8-10 times your weight in calories to lose weight.

PS - most people give a figure of 14-15 times your bodyweight for maint. but since people underestimate their input, I corrected those downward to compensate. So, if you weigh 200lbs, you should be eatin 2400 calories to stay the same weight. (over the course of a year you'll still gain 5% due to aging).

4/21/09 4:57 PM
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Kirkor Papasian
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 ive heard that green tea increases your metabolism. you could google "green tea metabolism" and check out some of the articles you get.

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