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5/28/09 8:29 PM
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Matt Thornton
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Last week I rented a DVD called 'Surf Wise'. 

Check here: 


Its about the Paskowitz family. Long story short, Dr Paskowitz was a highly successful Stanford Grad MD that was working in Hawaii. By all standards he was a success, but says himself in the film that this was the lowest point in his life. His passion was surfing.

He then took Surfing to Israel, being the first to bring the sport there. And followed up by meeting his third wife at the age of 40. He then dropped his practice, gave up the concept of money, (beyond a small amount for gas/food)  stopped storing acorns, and instead spent the rest of his life in a camper, traveling from site to site, surfing; and helping people where a MD was needed. Here is the interesting part though, he had ten children in ten years,  all them lived in the 20' camper, and all lived the surfing life. None of his children were allowed to go to school. Instead they had to surf, read books, and learn life according to a philosophy the good Dr created himself. 

Dr Paskowitz is no messiah, but at this point don't we all know there is no messiah? Instead he is just a man, like you and me, with all the faults and imperfections that we evolved human beings own. However, he is also a man of great conviction who had the balls to live life on his own terms. I was greatly inspired by this movie, and found the entire story extremely compelling. In fact, I made my two sons watch it and they loved it as well. It doesn't gloss over the negative parts either, its a fully honest look at a completely blunt, and authentic man/family. 

Here is the best part, as the credits run at the end of the film the current status of each of the ten children was put up on the screen. To say that all ten of them were each an extreme success in terms of career/family, would be an understatement. Ten kids, no school, ten solid success stories of healthy adults. What greater success could a father have? 


6/6/09 3:43 AM
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I Watched that movie on my Netflix Roku a while ago, and really liked it.

To me it showed that you always rebel against your father figure. hippies breed yuppies, and yuppies breed hippies. Maybe its a biological thing that ensures our survival, but we all seem to want to do the opposite of whatever our parents have planned for us.

Johnny Kage

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