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ConspiracyGround >> Most haunted place you have personally been too?

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1/22/10 8:02 AM
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Jersey Pine Barrens
2/17/10 10:05 PM
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A hospital that was demolished about 5 years ago.

Saw weird apparitions all the time that i passed them off as normal. Like for some reason everytime I was darting to one of the two elevators, in response to a stat call, there was at times an apparition that beat me to the elevator. Then I would look behind me and there was nobody there! Happened quite often, first few times it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up and I would press that door open button like crazy!

The other times it was the sound of kids playing in the hallways by the old morgue at night. The security gaurds stopped checking the dark lonesome hallway because they would here these kids playing and giggling. Really creeped them out. I'm assuming the ghostly children giggle were due to the kids that drowned in a school bus accident, and some were brought in dead through our ED. Their spirits proper lingered on.

On two occassions I spotted the "water nurse" while working the graveyard shift. Apparently, everytime some patient rang the call bell to ask for water the water nurse would beat the other nurses to the call. The patients would actually get water in thier glasses, as all of them have told me.
3/3/10 9:39 AM
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yeah, occasionally hear foot steps and always accompanied by the motion light kicking on upstairs like someone is walking around upstairs. Weird shit.

Was helping a buddy renovate the Eschleman Music Building in St Joseph MO. I'd be in there working on painting and shit and you'd hear people walking around upstairs and you'd hear voices on occasion and that's in broad daylight. IF the lights were off upstairs that's when you'd hear it all. I used to sweep and clear that place all the time thinking someone was up there and had broken in. Never found anyone at all.

this building was one that had a basement that ran pretty much under the entire block as St joseph originally had caverns built in under the buildings that you could walk through pretty much the entire old part of down town. You'd see places where people closed off their areas with brick or concrete and stuff because they didn't want anyone in their basements etc... Weird shit though, spooky as hell up in that place.
3/16/10 2:38 AM
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Mr B Rock
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not as good as some of these but,
My wife and I went to a bed and breakfast in Skaneateles, ny.  The owners had a family emergency and were out of town that weekend, but sent a guy over to set everything up for us, he told us we were the only guests scheduled.  

Everything was cool the first night.  The second night as we were going to bed we heard talking in the room next to us.  I went to check it out as there wasn't supposed to be anybody there, and there wasn't.  I looked all over the house and everything was still locked up from earlier, so I went back and told the wife some other guests arrived and the caretaker guy was showing them around. 

I didn't sleep well that night but, waited til we left before telling the wife.

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