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SoundGround >> Anyone know about EWI cables from Audiopile.net?

6/19/09 5:35 AM
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making some instrument cables and I've had Mogami 2524 before and liked it- the stuff from Audiopile gets good reviews and is a lot cheaper than the Mogami, just wondering about the quality-

cable in question is their Premium Guitar Cable (PCS-2560 EWI) found here:

anyone have any input?
6/20/09 5:09 AM
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Edited: 06/20/09 5:12 AM
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Short answer is cable is cable provided it meets the minimum gauge & design standard required. Most of the accolades that are attributed to cable are from marketing, placebo effect, or from comparisons to improper/faulty cable. Which is how premium cable came to be the audio product group with the highest markup out there.

That said, 35 cents a foot isn't some horrendous price unless you're going some outrageous distance, in which case you'd want a direct box & XLR cable anyway.

I usually go with Belden cable & Neutrik connectors for most installs, unless some great deal falls in my lap. Of course, if there's some functional component that you specifically need, YMMV & this may all be irrelevant.

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