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8/20/09 12:20 PM
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Edited: 08/20/09 12:21 PM
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So I'm reading on mmamadness.com that Brock will make his "first official title defense against Shane Carwin" blah blah blah...

Um, what the hell was the match where he beat the living hell out of Frank Mir???? Hello, wasn't that a title defense? People are calling that a "title unification match." W T F ???

You are not a champion, interim or otherwise, when the guy holding the real title is unbeaten. You know what I call the guy who is fighting the champion? THE NUMBER TWO GUY! SECOND BEST! Not some bs like "interim champion"... Sigh.

I mean, is there an actual belt that says "INTERIM CHAMPION"??? Then how the F is it a "title unification match"???

I say "interim titles" are bullshit. What do y'all think about this?
8/20/09 11:15 PM
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 i kinda agree....but i do see the need for them. the heavyweight interim title was brought in due to randy  deciding he was going to leave the ufc with the belt.  UFC needed a heavyweight champion.  randy was still under contract, but was disputing it in court.  so the ufc made a interim title between sylvia and noigera. noigera won.  if randy would have won the lawsuit then frank mir would have been the undisputed champion. just cus randy came it wouldn't have been fair to strip noigera of his title.

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