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9/1/09 10:13 PM
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Jeff Yurk
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 Any word on the MOI being released?

9/14/09 5:09 PM
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Edited: 09/14/09 5:17 PM
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I've been looking on the website and haven't found anything yet. I'm curious about the rules, and how long the rounds are for intermediates. Last year there was some last minute changes, and discrepencies that was some BS, and they lost one of there best instructor over the whole fiasco. Last year tournament was chaotic to be honest. They called up our names, and then we sat around for about 1-2hrs just waiting for them to direct us to a mat. It made it hard to stay warmed up and loose. I'm just hoping its a little better organized, cause it makes it a lot less stressful for the competetors. I'm just hoping we don't have to sit through another advertisment seminar sales, cause after the weigh-ins most of us need to go eat. Well if anyone knows anything info, please post. Thank you.
9/17/09 1:50 PM
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 Three rulesets:  preliminary, semi finals, and finals.

For preliminary, straight grappling, no strikes allowed, no leg attacks, no small joint manipulation, no slamming dudes from in the guard.  Bouts are 6 minutes apiece. Bouts are scored pretty much like a BJJ bout.  Uniform is ACUs with bare feet or wrestling shoes.

Semi-final rules are similar to Pancrase fights.  Open palm strikes to the head, punches to the body.  Kicks to the legs, body and head are allowed to a standing opponent but only to the legs of a downed opponent. Knees are only allowed to the legs and only when both fighters are up.   No elbows.  Fights are 10 miutes.  I can't remember if the uniform is full ACUs or not but you have to wear the cloth shin pads (which are provided).

Finals are more in line with the standard MMA rules.  Exceptions being no knee strikes to anywhere but the legs when on the ground (none to the body), no knee strikes to the head (even when standing), no foot stomps, and no elbows at all.  Also, no heel hooks.  Bouts are 3x5 minutes and the uniform is ACU pants, tan undershirt, and cloth shin guards with MMA gloves.  The uniform is the biggest change from last year.  Apparently it looked "too much like the UFC" and not "Army" enough last year.

Fights begin this Friday at  0900 (possibly 0800) and go through Sunday.  I think there is supposed to be 300+ competitors this year so it should be a pretty good turn out.  Lots of good talent spread throughout the weight classes. 

Anyone know if there are any females competing?
9/17/09 5:02 PM
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Just wanted to take a second to say good luck to all the competitors this weekend. I swear one year the stars will align and I'll actually make it to the competition!! I'm looking at coming down that way in November for Level 4.

Anyways....good luck to all that compete! Fight hard and represent your units well.

Yurk, how's your team looking this year?? Will you be competing?

Jason, if you're checking this, what's Knox bringing to the table??

I'll be checking for the updates and results next week. Hope to see some familiar names in those winner's brackets.


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