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9/7/09 10:32 PM
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At yesterdays GSA tournament I bumped into Marcelo Rezende. He is always really friendly and cheerful but as can be understood he was still noticeably bothered by the burning down of his school. When I first heard about it I was overseas and it shocked me to read about it, I thought to myself why the hell would someone do that.

However it really only hit me how sad it was when I was speaking to Marcelo and I thought about how hard it is to come to a foreign country, build a business from nothing but your belt and your teaching abilities and then have somebody burn it. It is unfathomable and the feelings must have been overwhelming being in another country particularly. There is something so cruel about it literally and figuratively.

I think that Bruno Panno made a very good and kind decision opening up the tournament and making the donations and I hope it really makes a difference. I think it reflects well on him as a person as he did it with no hesitation and asking nothing back.

The thing that made it all the better was it is obvious that Marcelo is the kind of person who would also do the same thing back if the situation was reversed. It is really nice to see that despite being competitors in business and on the mat the other schools like Gracie Oceana, Machados (Sinosic Perosh), Trekko Pratz etc were all there as well supporting.

It was a really fantastic day, no big arguments, everybody was friendly and really into the spirit of the tournament

Just thought I'd share this and would be interested in your thoughts.
9/8/09 12:23 AM
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I agree a lot with what you've written Liam and I too sympathise with Marcelo and congratulate Bruno on what he did.

However, the question still out there is "why did his gym get burnt down?". I think I read on the infinite forum that it was a deliberate and criminal act. IF (and I am just speculating here) that is true, then he must of pissed someone off pretty badly for them to do this.

I don't know Sydney well, but if it's anything like Melbourne then it could be some criminal gang. Bruno has openly taught the Bra Boys gang for years and a few years ago there was a shooting outside a gym down here. If the gym was a specific target then it makes one wonder.

Let's hope the police find the people responsible.
9/8/09 2:05 AM
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dojo stormer
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fingerprints were found and the police are investigating some leads.

a few theories are going around and none involve marcelo at all, the criminals had an agenda with another bjj group and as a result marcelo has been the innocent victim.

terrible situation as all the GB team had put in a lot of work to get the gym to where it was.

anyway, the police are chasing it down which will inevitably lead to nowhere.
9/8/09 11:26 PM
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Very classy move from Bruno to do what he did with the GSA Cup.
Big respect for the guy.

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