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10/2/09 1:44 PM
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I have a supervisor who I am not getting along with. I am the training NCOIC as well as a front line supervisor and team leader deployed currently. Today I had a run in with a superior who literally lied to my face about an order from a higher up, this double the length of my current mission, reduced the effectiveness of my team, and wasted the time of roughly 50 people. I was guarding some locals and basically my relief was sent at the same time so we would work together. When I questioned if this was right (they showed 4 hours early) I was told it was the doing of someone else over the radio.

He then came down and further explained this face to face while looking me in the eye. It turns out he fabricated the entire story and the higher up denied that this ever occurred.

The person who did this had a problem with me because our mutual MSgt came to me (notice he came to me not me going to him) for a solution to problems we are facing. I was to review the information and report this to him today. I went through my proper chain of command and included in the person I am having a problem with and he was offended that he was skipped over through the CoC (even though I went to him to try to get his input). I up channeled as I should pointing out the flaws in our program and the SOP and OI, to which he shot down and ignored my suggestions, then over road my authority as team lead positioning my team in a more visible place instead of keeping them concealed.

How do I deal with this situation tactfully? I have the regs on my side but have to work with this person for 7 more months. I do not mind if he shoots down my suggestions but how do you call out a superior when they lie to your face and challenge your authority and wishes among your team?

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