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10/4/09 10:38 AM
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Kevin Kearns
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Hi Gang!
Sorry for delay I was in Fla for 4 days at a big conference and did not have great

access to my laptop. The hotel wanted your first born for the first hour:)

Here we go
equipment agility ladder
some willing bodies :)

ladder drills
1 minute 2 feet in on the forward
1 minute hop scotch
1 minute lateral crossovers
1 minute high knees
1 minute 2 feet in on the forward
1 minute Ali shuffle
1 minute icky shuffle
1 minute 180 rotations
1 minute push up position lateral shuffle with hands
1 minute push up position cross hands over shuffle

sprawls for 30 seconds
rotational push ups for 30 seconds
squat to row with JC bands for 30 seconds
poling for 30 seconds with JC bands
planks for 30 seconds
side planks for 30 seconds

repeat this circuit 3 x's

have nice day:)

ps special thanks to all my school owners and their crew for training with me on the beach at 6 am for the past 3 days we had a blast!

Tim Barchard's Professional Martial Arts

TriStar martial arts

Eagle Martial martial arts

People's Kenpo karate

Moti !!!

Kovar's Martial arts

Master Sohn's

Lavallee's martial arts

Master Hould's

Master Tran's

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