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Chris Brennan >> ATTN: WestsideStrangler re: rib injury

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10/11/09 12:45 AM
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I've been training for 2 overseas tournaments for about 8 weeks now and I was supposed to have 2 more weeks to train before I go. Supposed to, because someone landed on my right 2nd rib during a poorly-executed throw (sode-tsuri-komi-goshi) on Wednesday night and now I can only pretty much sit around, because movement and breathing hard do cause me some pain.

Probably some cartilage damage between the rib and breastplate, because I'm naturally loose-jointed and have soft bones. There is no fracture, swelling, bruising or discolouration of my skin.

Currently, I am 10 days away from flying to Tashkent, Uzbekistan for the first of two tournaments and am unfortunately 3kg (~6lb) away from my tournament weight -- I will be competing in Sport Ju-jitsu Fighting Women -55kg (121 lbs) in the Asian Ju-jitsu & Belt-Wrestling Championships.

I'm currently 58kg (127 lbs)(I was 57kg actually but put on weight again over the past few days of sitting around). There will be point-system stand-up striking, throws/takedowns and groundfighting. I have been training hard (both Ju-jitsu sparring and gym - endurance with weights and interval training) until the accident happened.

A friend from this forum has recommended me to ask you about this matter since he says you've had a similar injury. Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks :)
10/12/09 9:04 AM
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 I still have that injury :(  Are you asking about the injury or cutting weight while having the injury?  Email me cuz  don't check here much.


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