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10/16/09 7:59 PM
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Kevin Kearns
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Hello Gang!

Ever heard of the dumbbell matrix developed by Gary Grey . It 's 72 reps in all directions in

2 min Basically 2 min of hell!

Well add some Dr. Evil and a set of 4 lb sledge hammers and we will have some fun.

here we go ( I just had Marcus Davis, Jorge Gurgel, Alex karalexis , and Rich Franklin do this

one in the past few days)

This is a a nonstop circuit
1. 6 forward punches with 4lb sledge hammers

2. 6 downward punches

3. 6 cross punches

4. 6 low pummels

5. 6 tight pummel

6. 6 upper cuts

7. 6 forward reaching shoots

8. 6 lateral reaching shoots

9. 6 rotational reaching shoots

10. 6 forward reaching shoots to 2 punches

11. 6 lateral reaching shoots to 2 punches

12. 6 rotational reaching shoots to punches

goal is under 2 minutes . It will work your grip , core , legs etc.

You will also see this in my latest DVD due out beginning of NOV

" Burn with Kearns basement tape #5 Grappling Specific conditioning .

More fitness, less time , better results


Coach K

ps UFC.com has taken our DVDs for their online store!


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