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Jen >> Butterfly Guard question

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1/11/10 10:14 AM
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I have your butterfly guard dvd- which is excellent. I am fairly good at Butterfly guard if the oppenant engages me, i.e- Sit's down and trys to pass. But, when he does like an xpass or torendao pass (standing pass), i have trouble. I know i should gain control immediatly but am having trouble. Any tips you can give?? I am 3 striple purple belt.
1/12/10 8:42 PM
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I believe you may be trying to force the butterfly guard when the opportunity is no longer there. In my opinion, butterfly guard really isn't the most optimal guard to play when someone is standing up.

When a person is standing completely upright, it is not time to try to get an open guard control position that attempts to solely control the upper body like spider guard as doing so will force you to overextend your legs. Similarly, as someone is standing in a crouched position with their hands by their knees, it may not be ideal to attempt to use your legs to control their legs as you are feeding your legs right to your opponent's hands and giving them the control they want. When an opponent is kneeling on both knees or sprawling their legs out, it is obviously not the time to play De La Riva guard.

I find that there are times in which people develop a liking for position or technique and try to force that position or technique all the time. So in your situation, I would suggest not focusing on what you think you want to take, but rather what your opponent gives.

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