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3/15/10 12:39 PM
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the rooster
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Robert, as far as my position on the bible as God's word. Well, often you can find where the Lord tells the man of God to write His words down (ie: Moses). You also find Jesus quoting or referencing the OT as God's word. You have Peter and Paul referring to each others epistles as "holy scripture" which was equivalent to God's word.

Finally the early "primitive" :-) church pastors in letters to each other referred to the Old and NT scriptures as God's word.

There is a consistency to the Old and NT (whether it's in theological stmts, prophecies and fufillment, historical consistencies, etc.) that is frankly supernatural.

3/15/10 2:21 PM
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I wonder... thinking as I type, when someone becomes an American Citizen they don't cease from being Spanish or African or Russian etc... But they do become American. Would you call that a spiritual calling?

If I understand your question correctly..... there would be too many variables to make a judgment call on that.
3/17/10 11:30 AM
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the rooster - Hi toelocku. Been very busy. I guess I should clarify how the Lord speaks by impression. I know Jeremiah says our hearts are wicked and evil and who can know it. That is the carnal man and the carnal heart is emotional and if we "follow our heart" we can deceive ourselves.

What I mean by God talking to us beside His words (through creation, audibly and by impression) was that confirmation of God's word to our conscious.

So for instance, I have prayed before about a job and gotten an "impression" or a feeling that did not conflict with God's word.

God's word is the ultimate arbitrator so if I said, "I feel like hurting someone and believe God has laid that impression on my heart" I'd be full of crap.

But one time, before I was a Christian, I had gotten in a big fight and I was getting advice about how to mete out some personal vengence. I heard God audibly in my "brain" or in my thoughts say, "if you live by the sword, you will die by the sword," and then a feeling, an impression that if I sought vengence, I would ultimately die violently, looking over my shoulders.

I believe that was God's voice and impression, consistent with the scriptures (before I knew them) moving on me by His word to deter me from seeking violence and warning me of my end if I sought venegenece.

You had me til...

"if I sought vengence, I would ultimately die violently, looking over my shoulders."

i agree with your first paragraphs, prophecies that AGREE with the scripture are real and from God, so in that I agree.


you said 'god' told you youd die 'violently' if you did this...THIS IS A FALSE PROPHESY! That was NOT the voice of God talking.

show me these verses that allow you to speak such a thing...(btw they don't exist...).

this is what the 'Pentecostals' do all the time....

god told me that you rooster have to send me a million dollars or you'll 'die violently'. I'll be waiting for my check...:)

these guys on tv 'with the spirit'(the devil) are FAKE.

you want to hear from the TRUE Spirit...read your bible. don't be feed lies, you seem like the smartest Christian I've ever chat'd with, so, USE YOUR OWN GOD GIVEN BRAIN, forget all you've ever been taught, read the bible whole way through and COME TO YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS.

do that, don't regurgitate other peoples doctrines.

3/17/10 3:33 PM
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the rooster
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Well, let me make sure I understand your objection first. I was an unsaved man. I got in a huge brawl and got jumped. (I frankly deserved it as I jumped in on another fight...anyway, longer story :-)

Anyway, when I got to my apartment, I "audibly" heard in my mind, "if you live by the sword, you'll die by the sword". Consistent with scripture right? I mean it's an actual verse (and I wasn't a bible guy at the time...at all.).

Then I had an impression that if I went after this guy (I had friends wanting to get ball bats and wait at his house and when he got home from "celebrating" to go break his legs), that I would end up dying violently.

It was an 'impression'. By that I mean, that after I heard the audible (in my mind an audible voice) saying, "if you live by the sword..." a "feeling" that if I sought personal vengence, it was a matter of time before, as I was looking over my shoulder (for the rest of my life) someone would get me.

In fact, I felt like God was telling me..."look, I saved you this time, next time I won't".

I believe this impression was consistent with the verse, "if you live by the sword you will die by the sword" correct?

Maybe i'm misunderstanding what your objection is.

And I can tell you only that my testimony is that God was giving me, an unsaved person, a warning about my lifestyle. i was living a violent lifestyle and I believe he was telling me that I was on my way to reaping what I was sowing.

I know it's hard to argue with someone who has "a feeling, an impression, etc." and I've questioned people who told me similar things (I had a dream, God spoke to me...etc.). I'm ok with people being skeptical. It's my personal testimony and I do belive He saved me from dying at some point in my life violently. He has given me the peace that surpassath all understanding and I lost that spirit of violence and brutality when He filled me with His Holy Spirit. It's one of the reasons I ended up getting into bjj. I had no more rage to protect myself in the event I was called to protect myself or someone else.

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