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3/24/10 11:29 AM
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The details from my original (Question about background check for Canadians..) has changed somewhat and it is not looking good imo. I got called today by the contract house who will be representing me. Anyways being that I will be working in Canada and that I am a Canadian, I will be going through a Canadian based contract house thus no need for a work (TN Visa). I sent my information to the Canadian contract house and as I said above, I got a call back today. A background check was done by a third party and the contract house was told that I had 'something' on my record and that I would need to be fingerprinted and this information would have to be sent to Ottawa for further evaluation which may take 2 months to process! I told the contract house that I was in process of getting a pardon done back 2 years ago (and f me for not finishing this process btw) and that I had fingerprints done and I do have this information at my house. I also have a police report indicating my charges. My question is why would they want my fingerprints? This shit happened over 10 years ago. Any suggestions? I feel my chances for this good paying job is decreasing by the day. Thanks for any advice..
3/24/10 1:52 PM
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Fingerprints are often asked for detailed police background checks, if you were fingerprinted when you were arrested they cross check to make you're the right person.

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