big_slacker - So did you ever get this Fin?

And BTW-Collecting better quality shit is the way to go. Not to get off on too big of a tangent, but cheaper disposable shit leads to the mentality of just buy it now for the immediate gratification, toss it when you tire of it, buy a new one.

IMO if you have a savings plan, execute it over years and end up with something as nice as you can reasonably afford at your income level you'll keep it longer, enjoy it more and be less apt to have a wandering eye for the next shiny thing that comes along. Holds true for cars, watches, stereos, bikes, whatever.

What were we talking about again?
My financial action plan has been a little delayed (Selling the house and car) but the V is still on my list but some other contenders are on the label.  I've gone super frugal mode until I'm 100% out of my debt so I can enjoy my checks like I did in the past.