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11/17/10 4:49 PM
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Edited: 11/17/10 4:50 PM
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MarkTripp and CyQFaunce are both banned from Bullshido; Mark for pissing Phrost off, and Cy for faking Judo rank.


11/17/10 11:47 PM
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please. as much as you believe ive somehow got this raging, porn-style hard-on for you... i think you are flattering yourself too much. you really are not my type. i very much like women, but i do understand how your level of attraction to me has drawn you back here once again.

your record speaks for itself. youve been banned from who knows how many forums. you lay claim to more over-inflated, unsubstantiated stuff than nearly anybody ive seen online.

there are people here whose knowledge, dedication and ethics are without question. i am not even one of them. yet, somehow, youd want everybody to believe all of them are full of crap and have created this huge, elaborate, internet slander of you? you are like that kid who believes nothing is his fault, that it is aways somebody elses' fault-- always the innocent vitcim.

as much as an a-hole that i can be, and that is without question or appology.... i certainly dont have anybody questioning what i did or didnt do or how i got anywhere.

perhaps i am too young to know better. hell, i dont think i've ever even met you face to face-- if i did it certainly was not memorable. in the end... my years as a human being have taught me at least this much.... flies like shit. for some reason, there are a whole lot of people who constantly say they see a lot of flies around you.

i am glad you and Ron have a decent relationship. tell him i said hi.

im sorry, did you want me to respond with something more like "fuck you, i'll kick your fat ass you POS asswipe. buy my ticket to ohio and i will come fuck you up at your own clinic!" ??????

sorry, but december 4th is a booked weekend for me. fact, i cant think of any weekend or day of the week where i wouldnt be more entertained by my own graying ass hairs-- the ones the shit actually sticks to-- than ever typing to you again.
11/18/10 1:02 PM
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JSho - When he is listed as 1994 world champion, is that under FIAS West? Presumably there was a similar world championships the Eastern Bloc participated in?

Yes, FIAS West, but I would add the note that FIAS Split in 1993. The 1994 Canada event was the first Worlds after the split and from what I heard from folks who were there, it was pretty confusing and problematic (organizationally) as a result. The FIAS division in name and in world championships was not really at full fruition yet. I can't say for sure, but I suspect while it was officially a FIAS West event, many of the same players were present and the fact that it was FIAS WEst did not have the same connotation it would only a few years later (That FIAS west was in fast decline and sub-par to FIAS East)

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