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12/18/10 4:00 AM
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Guys, I think we're coming up against a known element in training. It's not so much static as dynamic. You don't throw out an idea but realize that it's part of the process - you go through it and come out the other side.

To go now and say it's BS is not realizing it was part of the journey.

Suffice it to say that some of the 'concepts' in music and rhythm and drumming can be overlaid on your MA experience.

When you first start riding a bike you have to learn bike handling. But when you have that skill you don't think about it you just ride your bike.

Beginner cyclists put a bike computer on their bike and look at their split times and try to improve their cadence and their distance until one day they rip the computer off the bike and throw it into their parts box. They realize it was standing in the way of progress. But then in a year, they re-analyze some stuff and the bike computer becomes relevant again. Thus with various training methods. 

Then they might suddenly realize that what's important is the fun, the enjoyment, and try to understand where that originates. Is it fresh air? The great feeling when you stop? The scenery? The enjoyment of the 'good pain'? It may be different for everyone.

However, I agree with Demi. Don't base your MA training on some paranoid idea of SD. If you have to 'use' H2H to solve a dilemma, you've already failed to solve it using your brain on several fronts.
12/18/10 4:19 AM
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Majic Sam
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Edited: 12/18/10 4:29 AM
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I'm an aggressive,rhythmic person who enjoys hitting things.Drumming and martial arts are fun for me,so,naturally I seek and draw similar patterns/conclusions.These endeavors help me to focus,refine and enhance the other.Life is made of rhythm.Random street noise,machinery at work,heartbeats,breathing,seasons.At 42 years of age,and 30 years into music and martial arts,both have been very difficult to grasp and comprehend.I would never say to learn one will guarantee a leg up on the other.It takes a long time and tons of focus for them to blend philisophically and physically,but,the similarities are there and can benefit both paths of expression and skill.Martial artists and drummers should both practice deep breathing and relaxation.It's good for your health and will help out.To say that I tried deep breathing and found it distracting to my arts is about as redundant as saying I tried to study rhythm/timing and found it distrating to my breathing,etc.
12/18/10 8:27 PM
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Demitrius Barbito
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Here's the thing.

First, I respect Joe and his time and contributions to the martial arts in the modern era.

Second, I've been a drummer (drum kit, conga, bongos, upside down buckets etc) for many years. See this: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/tormentia-dmuerta-guns-guitars/id356704537


I think punching and kicking and gun disarming is best trained without including congas and drum kits.

BUT if anyone feels it helps them, that's cool.

12/19/10 5:07 AM
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Majic Sam
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Most musicians (guitarists) tend to fixate on the great players leads/modalities/ventures/,ala,Hendrix,SRV,Van Halen,Vai,etc.,and run with it,when in all actuality,most of what their idols play is rhythm based.Can't see the forest for the trees.Leads are mostly a highlight to the rhythms set forth,and solos are usaually an after thought to the sum of the parts.

I think that timing,rhythm and speed applies to driving a car,as well as being a pedestrian.MLAHHH!

12/19/10 9:22 AM
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Joe Maffei
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I'm still going back to what Demi said, it's about having fun.

Have you ever noticed some people can't tap their foot to the beat of a song and when you try to help them they get frustrated and it's not fun for them. They just can't feel it. These are the same people who can't feel hubud or can't play patti cake with their kids.

This doesn't mean they can't hit really hard or they can't take a really hard hit themselves. But folks who can't hear/feel most often have trouble with combinations.

Now with that said, I have seen people who have this problem at times have success in combos because there is no rhyme or reason behind their timing and rhythm and in their unorthodox manner they score.

Now some may say, see!!! ya don't need to study time/rhythm to fight you can still score even with that unorthodox manner. But did you score because you are unorthodox or could it be that your opponent has not expanded his knowledge of time/rhythm to the point of being able to read such unorthodox fighters.

This is when it blows over the beginners head, becomes to much work, not fun and it's easier to just stick to just doing what you were doing.

At this stage it would be better just to speak with a person who can see this with ease, get them to explain why your jab, cross, uppercut sometimes gets in and sometimes it doesn't and give you an assement of your movement.
my 2 cents

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