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5/13/10 12:37 PM
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Underground News
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“I saw the, probably going to take the lead as the funniest sponsor I’ve seen on a fighter’s butt. I thought Condom Depot was definitely up there and is definitely up there, there’s something that’s funny about that on the back of a fighter’s tush (Sam Stout’s). But Crime Scene Cleaners has now taken the #1 spot for me. Crime Scene Cleaners."

"Crime Scene Cleaners, let’s say that there’s a horrific crime, somebody gets shot, there’s blood everywhere, there’s brains everywhere, whatever the scenario is… the Crime Scene Cleaners it’s their job after the forensics people do all their work in the police department. Crime Scene Cleaners, what they would do is go in after forensics and police have done their job, they close the crime scene, and it’s their job to clean it."

"Let’s say, like for instance, I played poker in a house in Beverly Hills about four years ago and we were playing in this room and I got a really weird feeling, I couldn’t understand, we’re in this like $15 million dollar mansion and I just had an eerie feeling and I, ‘I don’t know why guys, but I got a really eerie feeling sitting here.’ It turns out that it was the house that the Menendez Brothers killed their parents in. So, you want to talk about a crime scene because these boys shotgunned their Mom and Dad on the couch in the living room and not just once, but more than once, and that had to be a definite Crime Scene Cleaner situation."

"He actually did get a deal, I think he bought the house for something in the area of something of $9 million when realistically homes in the area were going for $13 (million) or $14 million. It’s not wise to have somebody die in your home in a horrific way, I’ll tell you that much, it will definitely kill your real estate values."

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