martial_shadow - Thank you for the links. I reviewed what they had in the video (and other similar videos) and read the reccomended Church text. From a medical point of view, this is not a fast. Many people doing this are still getting into caloric debt and are missing other reccomended macro and micro nutrients. The basic thing is, if you are consuming 500-800 calories from juiced fruits and veggies and gatorade (and in some cases, 1000kcals) then you simply are not fasting.

When I fast, the only things that pass my lips are water, green tea (which has 0 calories) and toothpaste (10-20 kcal if you don;t swallow the load, and burns 1-2 kcal to do it). Maybe if <100 calories of gatorade/juice was ingested one could make the arguement for fasting, but not at the quantities these people are talking about.


I can see your point. I guess i have just done very long liquid fasts. I am not trying to starve myself though, I actually drink many drinks I do not really enjoy the flavor of if I need caloric intake. For instance, I hate gatorade, lol, I usually get cherry or some other flavor that really does not taste that good to me, but it does provide the calories and salt I need to be able to continue working and going to school full time while fasting. The ability to study and stay awake :-)

I usually lose about 30 pounds in 21 days, if not a little more when I fast like this.

for 3 day fasts, I prefer just trying water the whole time.

Here is a pretty good scriptural overview of fasting in easily digestible chunks:

Old Testament -

New Testament -

The church now -

1. Some fasting was a natural reaction to grief over the loss of
a loved one (like the men of Jabesh-gilead and David)
2. But more often, fasting was done to purposely:
a. "afflict the soul" - Lev 23:26-32
b. "chasten the soul" - Ps 69:10
3. The purpose of such affliction or chastening was to "humble"
the soul (Ps 35:13), and not for any affect it might have on
the body
4. Evidently, they felt that by so humbling themselves they would
more likely incur God's favor - cf. Ezra 8:21-23; Is 57:15;
5. So they would fast when they needed:
a. Forgiveness for sin (Moses, Ahab, Daniel)
b. Their loved ones restored to health (David)
c. Protection from danger (Ezra)
d. Deliverance from their enemies (the Israelites)
6. Because they were seeking God's favor, FASTING WOULD ALMOST