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6/3/10 2:24 PM
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The Kangaroo
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Me and the old lady are considering moving to Chicago. We've made a couple trips there this last year and love it. So...

1. High cost of living in Chicago? On par with NY?
2. Whats the job market like? (IT job market)
3. Costs of living downtown? We'd probably rent 6months to give ourselves time to scout a permanent location but we'd prefer to live downtown. Whats the average nice apartment cost downtown. Whats it cost to buy a decent condo downtown?
4. Traffic on 90 looks like a bitch, is it common to catch the rail downtown to go to work and how much of a pain in the ass is that?
5. What are decent suburbs outside town to consider if we go that route? (I assume the shouthside is a major shithole from what I've seen of it from the freeways)

In general, whats the upside, downside of the city.

Thanks in advance
6/8/10 3:27 PM
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1. Depends on where you live. Rent will be your biggest expense. You might be able to rent a pretty decent foreclosed or never-sold condo for cheap if you want to negotiate. Don't bother with apartment finder services - they're all ripoffs.

Gas is pricey. Sales tax is 10.25%. There's a site somewhere that will tell you what salary you'd need to make in a given city to match your current 'buying power' I think Chicago was 1/3 cheaper than NYC.

2. Unless you're an awesome programmer and looking to get with a trading firm, LOL @ you. Get a job before you move, or you'll be poor forever. Some stuff is opening up for fairly high-level guys (what that means, I dunno, but my buddy with 10+ years experience says he couldn't get a job anywhere if he wasn't already working).

3. You can buy a foreclosed house for less than $35,000 in some surprisingly decent neighborhoods. Only a fool would buy a condo. re: traffic. do what normal people do: find a neighborhood you like, make sure it's close to an el stop and take it to work every day.

4. Brown line fills up pretty quickly and if you're closer than the end of the line, you'll be standing all the way to work. Same with Red line. If you can read while on a train, bring a book and you'll be fine.

5. Stay in the city, your life will be much easier.

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