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6/3/10 10:11 PM
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Edited: 06/03/10 10:16 PM
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I have an interview for a compliance position with a hedge fund. Will taking this position completely close me off from returning to a law firm? Would I be better off working at a firm for a year or 2 before switching over?

My original idea was to work at the firm I am at now (a general litigation firm- I will be in commercial litigation and basically the insurance fraud division) and then try and hop over to the SEC (graduated from Rutttgers with a 3.68 and an A+ in Securities and Market Regulation, so combined with the litigation experience I think I would have a shot).

Any tips, help, comments, suggestions, experience, or anything at all would be appreciated... I don't really know what I am getting myself into and am trying to come up with a game plan. I do know that I want to make moves and leave my firm though! Thanks in advance....
6/8/10 7:07 PM
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 really depends on what you do..also if you build good business relationships, it doesnt matter what you do, any law firm will accept you if you bring a book..we have plenty of nonworking lawyers at my firm that have JDs but primarily worked in business or politics

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