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6/6/10 12:32 PM
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Underground News
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The Underground News, Editor

Nick Newell, a one-armed, undefeated MMA fighter with a perfect 3-0 professional record, spoke recently to MMAJunkie.com.

On fighting
"All the people who say, 'Oh he can get hurt' are right; I can get hurt, but so can everybody else who does MMA. I'm a smart guy with a college degree. I wouldn't put myself in a situation that I knew I couldn't handle. I'm not just going to be a good fighter for someone with one hand. I'm not shooting for mediocrity or to prove that people with handicaps can do things because that's already been proven. I compete to (be) one of the best in the world."

On his mother:

"The first practice was just about the hardest thing I had done in my life. But she told me I wasn't allowed to quit. I can't imagine what would've happened if she had let me."

On training at Fighting Arts Academy:
"They didn't treat me any differently, and that's what I wanted."

On finding opponents (by FAA head trainer Jeremy Libiszewski)
"He should've had at least three more fights by now, but people back out on him or just won't take the fight. I had a manager call me and say, 'I don't want my guy losing to the guy who has one arm.'"

Read entire article...

6/6/10 1:31 PM
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If he comes from Jeremy's school you can bet he's tough as hell.
6/6/10 3:59 PM
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Edited: 06/06/10 4:01 PM
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I kind of go to the gym he goes to. I put my membership on hold for 2 months, and 6 weeks later I'm struggling to get back. He's a great guy, great grappler, and I wish him the best.

UltimateMMA in CT is the one. Maybe he does others too. I'm no wizard, but I can tell you I can't do shit to him and the underdeveloped arm is still strong. Go NICK!!!
6/6/10 5:17 PM
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The Sultan
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 trained with him before....strong kid and hits hard.
6/6/10 5:32 PM
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 Nick's a good kid. i actually wrote something on him last week.

No special treatment for Newell’s fight

Nick Newell was never told that something was too hard, that he couldn’t do it or that he’d never make it.

So when the 24-year-old steps into the cage he isn’t out to prove to anyone that he belongs. After all, his undefeated record speaks for itself.

Out of the thousands looking to make a splash in MMA, what makes Newell unique is that he has only one hand.

The Connecticut native, who now trains at Fighting Arts Academy in Springfield and Ultimate MMA in North Haven, Conn., was born with congenintal amputation. His left arm ends just after the elbow. When Fighting, Newell stands in the southpaw stance using his right hand for jabs in hooks, he incorporates a lot of kicks while using his left elbow as another weapon.

“My mom never gave me any special treatment,” Newell said. “I never had people say, `You shouldn’t do that, you’ll get hurt,’ or, `You can’t do that, you only have one hand.’ My mom never told me that. And when I train my coaches don’t go easy on me because I have one hand.”

His coaches, training partners or opponents would be foolish to take Newell lightly based on appearance. He’s 3-0 as a pro.

Newell wrestled and was a captain at Western New England College, and while in high school set a Connecticut record with 53 wins during his senior year.

He is also an accomplished grappler. Last weekend, the North American Grappling Association held its East Coast Championship in Springfield. The lightweight won the purple belt gi division - in the same week he was awarded the belt by his instructors.

He has been training for three years, and with more success he hears less questions from onlookers about his arm.

“Sometimes little kids will say something. Back when I first started grappling people were like, `Oh my god I can’t believe you’re doing this,’ but now more people know who I am already,” said Newell, who has never been afraid to stand up for himself. “I’ve always been pretty quick-witted too. When I was growing up people would have their remarks, but I didn’t get picked on too much because I was always quick to snap back at people. I wouldn’t take abuse.”

Newell is aiming to fight again in July. Taking amateur fights into account, Newell has won his last five fights combined in under 10 minutes. His story is inspirational, but that’s not what drives him.

“I am not ashamed of the way I am,” he said. “If I can inspire people and get them to believe in themselves and go take up their dreams, than I’m really happy I can do that. That’s not why I stated fighting. I didn’t start fighting to prove anything. I did it because I thought it was something I would enjoy.  But people face challenges all the time. Some people were born as athletic as I am. I’m a pretty athletic guy. I think that that’s a gift. I think that’s an advantage over someone who wasn’t born as athletically, it’s just not something you can see.”

6/6/10 5:34 PM
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Roo Badley
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Can someone give this guy a hand getting some fights please?

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