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6/22/10 10:22 AM
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 Let's face it, State of Origin could end up being a one-sided crucifixition for another 5 or so years. Most of the stars are young, with even Thurston being only 27.

Only Lockyer and a couple of forwards will be going any time soon, and they are easily replaced due to the great depth provided by the Queensland stars.

Inglis could end up in AFL or overseas (there has even been NFL interest, but that would be a fucking waste.) Folau will not really be missed and I can;t see Slater changing codes. Really, the Melbourne cap rorting won;t effect the Maroons that much, if at all.

So where does that leave NSW? Shit out of luck until they start developing a spine in the team.

Gidley being benched as captain shows the problem. They can't stick to an established team and it hurts them. Chopping and dropping just doesn;t cut it. Now I by no means think Gidley should be the starting full back, but I didn't think he should have been captain either.

Haynes a former Dally M winger of the year and won the NSW player of the series last year on the wing as well. His form at full back this season has seen him fall further behind Billy Slater in the race for the Kangaroos number one jersey and really...I think they have better prospects.

Build Dugan as the number one. Bring Coote in as his back up.

Too young? Don't care. Think long term. Gidley is no longer needed in the team, Hayne can utility back but start on the wing. Dugan and Coote are the FORM full backs in the NRl this year, albeit Slater showed them what rep standards are all about this weekend.

Plan for the future. They may have a bad game the end of this series or the beginning of the next, but you support them. Don;t cut them like Campese or Woflman after one terrible/average game. This is not how you build the confidence of future stars.

Speaking of Campese, I'd recall him in all honesty. He's being unfairly shafted. He may have not had the best game, but is any other player doing any better? Hayne, playing to an average standard, is their best player at the moment. Yeah, I think they can risk giving Campese a blue shirt again.

Dropping after one poor showing is ridiculous, but so is bringin people in on name only. Why in the fuck was Idris called up in the first place? The problem NSW has is that the backline of Queensland is also the national team backline. It is a points machine. So bringing in a centre with shaky, shaky defence made no sense. Especailly as Hayne doesn't exactly compliment an attacking centre with his own defensive and positional lapses.

They need to take a chance this last game, for the sake of nothing else than at least playing some stars who are hungry and have heart. Start a proper rebuilding with next year's city versus country (Coote versus Dugan II) and for the last game put people in who have earned the jersey. Campese, Dugan, Coote, Morris, keep Hindmarsh etc.

/angry rant at work. I'll add more later, maybe with pretty pictures!
6/24/10 4:23 AM
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 A couple things I didn't consider. Well a couple of people:

Brett Stewart and Gasnier will be back for the Blues next year. Whilst NSW have more depth at full back than Queensland, when Brett isn't injured and is on form, I believe he's even better than Slater as an overall full back.

Gasnier is a big return. A leader and a world class centre.

In the media, it sounds as if the kids will get a run out at game III. Carney, Dugan and Idris are all names swirling about. We;ll find out Monday. Hopefully Idris won't be used. Carney is a good choice and too be honest I'm now preferring Coote to Dugan.
7/10/10 8:43 PM
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 Bring back Joey!!
7/10/10 9:35 PM
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