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7/5/10 12:00 AM
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*also posted on OG*

Hope someone here can help me since I've sunk a couple of hours on google and haven't found much helpful.

I've got the hard drive from my old computer plugged into a USB external enclosure, and want to pull some files off of it onto my Windows Vista Business laptop.

Problem- when I fire up the enclosure my computer doesn't recognize the external hard drive. Worse, starting the external hard drive enclosure will cause my Explorer windows to hang (but I can still use Chrome and browse the web interestingly enough) and as soon as I turn off the external enclosure the explorer windows begin responding.

Can anyone give some suggestions as to how I can access the old hard drive? I have another computer with XP and an Mac laptop with 10.3.9 available as well, but no dice on any of them.
7/5/10 6:32 AM
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Does the computer acknowledge that something is being plugged into the USB port but the drive isn't showing up in MY COMPUTER?

Does is cause the XP machine to hang too?

If not see if the drive is showing up in Disk MAnagement (you'll find this in Control Panel/Admin Tools/Computer Management) - you might be able to assign a drive letter to it here.

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